GOG Has Now 100 Games for Linux

GOG has just announced they have passed the 100-games mark for Linux. After their launch with 50 titles, 50 more games have now been added. Today’s additions include some good classics, like Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 and Planescape Torment. While they will run into an emulation layer, I would highly recommend you run those games with GemRB, which is a recreation of the original engine of these games. You’ll benefit from a lot of improvements for modern machines and resolutions.

There are some cool indie additions, such as Broken Age (first episode, I guess) and Psychonauts from Double Fine, Tim Schafer’s studio. On top of that you get Papers Please from Lucas Pope, a very entertaining immigration clerk simulation with a Cold-Waresque storyline.

It’s great to see more titles coming from GOG, while there’s not really anything really new under the sun at this stage (most of these games were available on Steam already, or could work under WINE already). There are many more games on the catalog anyway, and any addition is welcome, especially since they feature reasonable prices especially during sales.

Here’s the full list of Linux games on GOG, by the way.

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