Get Mount&Blade for Free on GOG Now!


Just a quick note, you can get right now for a limited time Mount & Blade for free on GOG, DRM-free - It’s a game from 2008 and if you are not familiar with the series, it’s pretty much a medieval sandbox game, in the same line as Sid Meier’s Pirates: there is no linear storyline and you can decide to take your adventure in the direction you want - become wealthy, doing side quests, becoming a bandit of a full fledged soldier at the service of a Lord and participate in massive battles. It’s aged since its original release, but where it shines is really in the possibilities it offers and how replayable it remains.

Note that there is no Linux client, but this game installs perfectly with a regular, recent vanilla WINE install (no need for PlayonLinux) since it uses DirectX9 which is now well supported for the most part - just download the Windows install file, and run it with WINE and voila! Added bonus, it runs very well even on a older laptops (mine with HD3000 can play it at more than 60 FPS without a sweat), so it should play well about everywhere.

It’s a great opportunity to try out Mount & Blade if you haven’t yet, and consider the following episode (Warbrand) with its Linux client if you really like it.