GDC 2015: A Flood of AAA Titles Coming to SteamOS

Yesterday was a great day for Linux Gaming. There were a bunch of announcements (I will come back on those later) but right now what interests us is that many AAA titles were confirmed to come for Linux/SteamOS in this year. Take a look at the list:

  • Shadow of Mordor (it was kind of expected since last week)
  • Batman Arkham Knight (wow!)
  • Rome Total War 2 (not new)
  • Total War: Attila (nice!)
  • Evolve (I thought it was a possibility a couple of weeks back)
  • Witcher 3 (finally confirmed!)
  • Payday 2 (oh!)
  • Saints Row IV (yeah!)
  • Companies of Heroes 2 (kind of expected)

Feral Interactive is doing the port of Shadow of Mordor and a trailer for Linux was released at the same time:

Feral may not be porting as many games as Aspyr, but they are very choiceful in what they port – so far they have only ported excellent games (XCOM, Empire Total War).

I’m personally very excited for GRID Autosport, because it will be de facto the best Racing Game on Linux since there’s no competition at all. Project CARS should be coming later in the year (or maybe 2016?) but nothing is really set in stone for the Linux version.


Arkham Knight is the latest Batman game from Rock Steady and I’m also impatient to see whether it will be released at the same time as the Windows version, and if the performance will follow on high-end cards.


By the way a lot of these games are currently available for a lower price as “SteamOS sale” (SteamOS official release date will apparently be in November) – while many of them are not available for Linux at the moment, it may be a good time to show your support (and then be patient until they are released!).

Note: we just have another article about the Steam Controller, fresh from the GDC2015.

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