Games in Approach!

Sorry for the lack of news recently, but I was away for the Tokyo Games Show (you will get news about that soon) and for the lack of free time otherwise, Rocket League is to blame. Anyway, it’s not like there were major stuff we missed, but let’s make sure we capture the following, though:

First, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been confirmed for Linux within this calendar year – and the port is by Feral. It’s not 100% news, since there was a steamdb leak not too long ago, but it’s always better to get an official confirmation. It’s also a fairly recent game since it just came out on Windows. Reducing the time gap for AAA titles is welcome.

Next, Dawn of War II along with all its extensions next week, on the 29th of September – again from Feral. I was part of the private beta for this one and while you will get a longer article from me when it’s released, this is another solid port and a welcome addition to the RTS genre on Linux. It’s a fairly old game by now (it was released on Windows in 2009), but there are very few modern RTS so this is not too surprising.

Now a turn-based strategy game, Farabel, should also hit Linux very soon – the devs wanted to get feedback from the community about their Linux beta and they were apparently impressed by the feedback they got and quickly announced official Linux support (Day 1).


Farabel has a very refreshing visual style, as you can see above. It should be released in October, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long if you are interested in it.

Since we are into strategy games, Cossacks 3 is still coming to Linux, but it’s delayed. It was just out for Windows and there is not word as to when the Linux version will be made available. So be patient if you were looking forward to it. But looking at the Steam reviews, I’m not in a rush as the game is apparently full of bugs in its current state.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your weekend.

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