First Batch of Steam Deck Verified Games

Steam Deck

Valve is gearing up for the upcoming consumer launch of the Steam Deck (supposedly in February) and they have in the past few days started going through the Steam Deck verification process. In case you don’t remember or you missed it, there is going to be a rating process to ensure that games are in 4 different categories, the best one being “Steam Deck Verified“, which means that games are adapted to work great on the Deck. Next is “Steam Deck Playable“, where games may launch and work fine, but where the experience may be sub-par (text or interface not adapted to the deck, presence of a launcher, etc.).

So, at Boiling Steam, we are going to track how fast things are going with the verification process in the coming weeks, using SteamDB as an intermediate. We’ll try to have a chart like the one below, progressively going up as Valve provides more and more ratings. Not sure right now how often we will provide updates, maybe once or twice a week, depending on how fast things go.

Steam Deck Verified and Playable Games

And here is the list at the time of writing of games that are “verified” and “playable”. There are some pretty big titles already considered as verified, such as:

And a lot more, that you can find below:

TitleCategoryStore Link
Portal 2Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
HadesSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
The Binding of Isaac: RebirthSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
CelesteSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Hollow KnightSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
DishonoredSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Risk of Rain 2Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
CupheadSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Castle Crashers®Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Psychonauts 2Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
WebbedSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY EditionSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
NoitaSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
DARK SOULS™ IIISteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Gunfire RebornSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Tetris® Effect: ConnectedSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Total War: WARHAMMER IISteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Death's DoorSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Manifold GardenSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Into the BreachSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
DEATH STRANDINGSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
The MessengerSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
APE OUTSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Mad MaxSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
GhostrunnerSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
FINAL FANTASYSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Guacamelee! 2Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Rogue Legacy 2Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Super Mega Baseball 3Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First SinSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Circuit SuperstarsSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
EastwardSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
SCARLET NEXUSSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Remnant: From the AshesSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
SableSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Aliens: Fireteam EliteSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™Steam Deck VerifiedStore Page
TuncheSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
RADSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
Twelve MinutesSteam Deck VerifiedStore Page
FactorioSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
RimWorldSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
The Witcher® 3: Wild HuntSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Slay the SpireSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Dyson Sphere ProgramSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Cookie ClickerSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
InscryptionSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Plants vs. Zombies GOTY EditionSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
SubnauticaSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Tomb RaiderSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
ValheimSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
It Takes TwoSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Crypt of the NecroDancerSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Titanfall® 2Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Rise of the Tomb Raider™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Farming Simulator 19Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Cats in TimeSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Stormworks: Build and RescueSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
A Way OutSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Lost in Random™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Battlefield 4™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ IISteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Battlefield 1 ™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
NieR:Automata™Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Black SkylandsSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VISteam Deck PlayableStore Page
BRAVELY DEFAULT IISteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Need for Speed™ HeatSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Wasteland 3Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
War ThunderSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Tribes of MidgardSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
SEASON OF MYSTERY: The Cherry Blossom MurdersSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Dead Space™ 3Steam Deck PlayableStore Page
Battlefield VSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Swords of Legends OnlineSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Among TreesSteam Deck PlayableStore Page
Madden NFL 22Steam Deck PlayableStore Page

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