Finally. Total War: Rome II, On Linux?


Yes, it looks like there is some very recent SteamDB activity as noticed by our friends on r/linux_gaming. There are some unique repositories that were updated just a day ago, which may indicate that Rome II could come to Linux in the near future. Rome II has been announced around the time of the SteamOS initiative, back in what, 2014?… It was long ago, my memory is fuzzy now. It has almost become another way to say “when pigs can fly” since most of us had already written it off at this stage.

So, is Feral behind it this time around? Maybe, since they ported most of the other Creative Assembly titles so far, but something is missing this time around. There is no “demosticated” repo, which is usually a sign of Feral ports on SteamDB.

After the internal port of **Total War: Attila**, on Linux, by Creative Assembly, it would not be a stretch to see it coming from their own studios. The question remains: why now? Is there still a strong business case for their porting efforts so far away from the initial release window? Or is it anyway necessary as they plan for their upcoming titles to be cross-platform from the get go? We would certainly like to know. Anyway, as long as the port DOES come to Linux, we will be happy either way. It would be a nice Christmas present to get it within a couple of weeks.