Final Fantasy VII: Remake Integrade - It Works on Linux


Hi all, just wanted to briefly mention that Final Fantasy VII: Remake Integrade works well on Linux through Wine. It’s old news by now but it’s still worth talking about.

The game was released on PC a few days ago via the Epic Games Store. Awesome benefits that come with the PC port is higher framerates and resolutions (much better than the 30 FPS on PS4, but it still does have some issues). Users have reported the game runs great with Heroic. Video playback works. In fact, Jason Evangelho from Linux4Everyone reported that the performance with Proton GE seem to be on par with Windows.

I personally have a bash script set up where it uses Wine 6.23, MangoHUD, and GameMode, with Legendary as the EGS backend. I also have passed the -dx11 parameter, as I’m unable to use DX12 (some evidently don’t need to use that flag, however). In most cases I’m getting around 90 FPS with my GTX 1660 and i5-8400 at 1440p resolution. Busier areas, however, tend to drop as low as 30-40 FPS, and sometimes it’ll stay that way outside of towns until I restart the game. I wonder if that actually has to do with the PC port itself, not Wine.

And…if you wanted an actual review of the game, we have that covered from the PS4 version.