Feral's Upcoming Ports


Feral is still active on the platform, and it’s not going to change any time soon, as they announced 2 upcoming titles for 2019:

  • Life is Strange 2 (Square Enix)
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (Sega)

None of the two are too surprising, since we have seen both series well supported on Linux so far. Life is Strange 2 has already made an episodic debut on Windows, so it’s likely it will have a Linux launch by the time the last episode releases… (at least I hope so). This episode is by Don’t Nod, the same developers who did the original Life is Strange which I highly recommended before.


Total War: Three Kingdoms gets a more precise release date, announced “shortly after the Windows release on March, 7th 2019”. To be honest I am a little tired of the Total War series. It seems that Creative Assembly/Sega are milking the series as much as they can by releasing new iterations on the very same concept every single year.


Oh, and in case you missed it, Feral also released the Linux client for the Tactical Legacy Pack for the XCOM2 Extension “War of the Chosen”. Yeah, a DLC specifically made for another DLC… the snake will soon eat its own tail. Besides the meta-aspect of it, I don’t know enough about War of the Chosen in the first place to comment on this, but here’s a video they released about the DLC’s DLC:


That’s all for now. Feral has been doing a great job lately on their Vulkan-based ports, so let’s trust them to keep the quality work going!