Fall Guys: The 4 Minutes install: Try it out, it's free!


I’m not typically the guy who recommends to use the Epic Games Store, but this will be an exception, as Fall Guys is now exclusive to it on PC, while still a very good game - and now free-to-play. Free is good, especially when it’s not pay-to-win, which is not the case here. The only reason why you would spend money in Fall Guys is to buy new cosmetic attributes (costumes, accessories) to make your character look a little more fun, but it’s not necessary at all to enjoy it. They seem to be however very successful at convincing many people to purchase such digital goods. In Fall Guys, you play in the first stage with 60 other players, and a good majority has purchased something to make their character look more unique.

If you have never played Fall Guys, let me sum it up for you. It’s about running to the end gate the fastest possible, while avoiding or jumping over obstacles. Every stage ends up eliminating a good chunk of your cohort so that you get to a final stage with only a few left after 4 rounds, to decide on the final winner. The controls are extremely simple (move with the analog pad and one button to jump) which makes it approachable for everyone, kids and adults alike.

In any case, if you’d like ot get started, we have recently pushed a quick video that should get you started on installing Fall Guys in less than 4 minutes (excluding download times).

Fall Guys has moved to a new season recently, with a space theme, and some of the new levels are terrific (and difficult) - I really like the level where there are invisible bridges over the void, and you need to refer to a map that updates in the horizon to check where is your next safe path.

It’s a lot of fun, it’s free, and it works great on Linux with the above procedure, so you might as well give it a try.