Ethan Lee is Porting WonderBoy III to Mac/Linux

Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap, has already been released on a wide variety of platforms (including the Switch) by the french company DotEmu, and while the guys at DotEmu made it clear a while ago that they were investigating the possibility of a Linux port, there was no real news as to who would actually do the port (internal job? contractor?).

Well, it’s not a secret anymore following a twitter post that Ethan lee is working on it, and preparing both Mac and Linux versions.

By the way, Omar from DotEmu is the same Omar who is the renowned author of the MEKA Master System emulator (free software, BSD license) which I recommend if you like emulating that system. Note that for Linux there is no build available on that website but you can build it from sources.

Coming back to Wonderboy, Omar had developed an openGL renderer before passing the work to Ethan Lee (the team at DotEmu had already begun working on a Mac version internally), and since Ethan Lee is now working on it the likelihood of a Linux port is now close to 100%… unless something catastrophic happens. No official ETA for this port, but I am pretty sure we will hear officially from Omar or Ethan on this pretty soon!

Note that you can learn a lot more about Ethan Lee, his background and his current work in our podcast with him conducted a few months back.

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