Dying Light Coming Soon

It’s a clear surprise. Techland has just announced, days before the official release of Dying Land, that its game will also be available on the same day for Linux/SteamOS. This is another AAA title coming for Linux, and treated as first citizen. Dying Light is a story-driven game following Dead Island (which made it to Linux as well in 2014) from the same developers, yet somehow mixing more elements beside just FPS and hands on fighting. Some parts clearly look like Mirror’s Edge (jumping on and off buildings, going to high places, running on roofs, etc…) so I’m actually interested to see what the final game will feel like.

We’ll have to see if they do a good job with the Engine conversion, in terms of performance, compatibility and graphical fidelity. More on this as soon as we get our hands on it. The official release on Steam should be on January 27th.

EDIT: Looks like they botched the Linux version (but more or less the Windows version as well), as the game is glitchy and runs at pretty bad FPS rates. Stay away from this game until a fix is confirmed.

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