DXVK is Making Great Progress


It’s a relatively new project on the scene, but it’s been making some noise for a little while now. DXVK is a layer for WINE to convert DX11 calls on the fly to Vulkan. It’s not an integral part of WINE yet, so you need to follow extra steps to have it run on your system, such as building extra DLLs and more. Once you get there, though, the results are pretty impressive, as you can see Witcher 3 in almost max settings at 720p resolution on a NVidia GTX1060 GPU - running at about 30 to 50 fps. (video is from user CattaRappa - EDIT: he captured the video using OBS so the actual performance without recording should be higher):

Note that the frame stutters are caused by shader compilation occurring in the background, and this would be progressively going away the longer you play as most shaders would already be compiled and cached.

Another video from Bioshock Infinite, by the same user (note that Bioshock Infinite has a Linux version already, but this is beyond the point):

Of course this is not as fast as the real thing running on Windows - the same hardware can run Witcher 3 at steady 60 fps in full HD resolution, but so far that’s the fastest DX11 implementation we have, apparently more advanced as well feature-wise compared to the DX11 to OpenGL renderer. There does not seem to be major graphical glitches for this game anymore, at least as far as Witcher 3 is concerned.

If you have had experience running DXVK yourself, feel free to let us know what you think of it in the comments.