DXVK Implements Stream Output


This is a major milestone for DXVK, as it reached its 0.90 version: it now includes support for Stream Output, one of the key features of DX11 that was not supported until now, causing issues such as invisible monsters in Witcher 3, or in some Unity games as well.

Note that there are many moving parts to enable this at the moment (DXVK, updated drivers, patched version of WINE):

All of the following are required in order for Stream Output to work.

DXVK enables Stream Output support starting with commit 6b5aa0b. A new release is planned shortly. (already the case with 0.90)

**You will need a driver which implements the VK_EXT_transform_feedback extension:**AMD: A patch series for the RADV driver is available here.Intel: A patch series for the ANV driver is available here.****Nvidia: Use the Vulkan beta version 396.54.09.

Wine needs to be patched in order to expose the extension to DXVK:
winevulkan-transform-feedback.patch.txt On Arch Linux, you may use wine-tkg-git, otherwise, winevulkan needs to be patched manually.

Witcher3 now displaying NVidia Hairworks as well as the Sirens just fine

Note that it will probably take a little while until these changes make it to Proton (Steam Play) so for now your best bet is to use Lutris and use a patched version of WINE in the Lutris settings, if you cannot wait.