Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Potentially for Linux?

Deus Ex, one of the most important IPs from Square Enix, may be very well coming to Linux – well at least the latest iteration, Mankind Divided (following the release on Windows one day ago). Note that there is no official announcement or timing at this stage, but it sure does look like it, based on the recent steamdb leaks!


Additionally, the following package information seems to indicate that Feral is responsible for this port – something we were not aware of at this point:


It would not be all that surprising if Feral were actually behind this port, since they have recently licensed Life is Strange from Square-Enix as well. Pending confirmation, we can clearly say that Feral is on fire this year! While Aspyr and VP were considered as serious competitors in the domain of Linux porting, Feral has managed to bring more and more AAA titles at a pace unseen so far.

Let’s just hope it does not end up like the latest Batman (cancelled after being announced for Linux – but the Windows version was an horrible port in the first place).

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