Dead Rising 1 and 2 Make it as Steam Deck Verified Titles


But not just Dead Rising! Valve has progressed in testing more games and we are at more than 3700 games validated** (3719 games** to be precise at the time of publication) on the Steam Deck - in two categories:

  • Steam Deck Verified: 1804 titles
  • Steam Deck Playable: 1915 titles

Total: 3719 titles

The Playable titles are now well ahead (more than 100 games ahead) of the Verified titles in terms of count.

You can see the ongoing progression on this chart:

Dead Rising 1 and 2 Make it as Steam Deck Verified

And here is the daily increase of new titles over time:

Additions have been fairly slow recently so we are down to** 24.6 (from 25.3 at the last milestone) new validated titles added on a daily basis**.

Let’s see a few titles that have been added lately:

As Verified, the Zombie smashers from Capcom, along with a few more big titles:

As Playable:

  • The Witcher Adventure Game
  • World of Warships
  • Opus Magnum
  • Graveyard Keeper
  • Startopia
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
  • Faeria

You can also find the exhaustive list, until now, below, with a search feature as well:

[table id=48 /]