Civilization 6 Confirmed for Linux (and More!)

So… cookies DID work! Aspyr has finally announced on their blog (after the GOL article) that they are bringing it for Linux, and they even mentioned the cookies! Elizabeth Howard, Aspyr’s Vice President of Publishing, wrote:

This is by far the most requested game we get asked for by the Linux community. Besides daily inquiries asking for Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, we’ve also received 12 dozen warm chocolate chip cookies as well as squishy Linux penguins toys for the entire office. To say that we are excited to bring Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI to Linux is an understatement.

On reddit, Blair from Aspyr commented on the cookies as well:

Blair: I kid, I kid…in all seriousness, reaching out to developers always helps. When the cookies are as good as Tiff’s Treats, it’s guaranteed to help 😉

Note that they will try to support AMD officially, but it’s not confirmed at this stage. Again, Blair from reddit:

BlairOur policy (in the current environment) is to make sure our Linux titles will run on AMD. That said, we are still not in a place where we can officially support them.

So, this is all good news, and a good sign that Aspyr has not given up on the Linux market (which was not obvious until now since they released very few games for Linux in 2016). Note that we do not have any indication of the release date at this stage. The other piece of news is that there are apparently two new titles coming for Linux after Civ VI, according to Blair as well on Reddit – and those are for two new IPs:

BlairWe shifted all those resources over to our publishing efforts on 2 upcoming titles (both of which will be on Linux btw:)

Now I am really impatient to see how fast they will bring Civ VI and learn what IPs they have decided to support for Linux. Good times ahead!

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I’m not interested by Civ 6 but glad to read they have two new IPs coming after that!

Let’s hope they will not be Steam-only releases… I realised not long ago that if Steam stops working on my Linux distro then I won’t be able to play Steam-only games anymore, so I turned my attention much more to DRM-free games and much less to Steam-only games.


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