BoilingSteam’s Got A NewsLetter Now

If you are a regular on BoilingSteam, you may have noticed we are progressively increasing the pace of our articles. But there are folks who do not come visit every single day, and for them we have just set a newsletter service up. Don’t expect anything too fancy or unusual, basically the plan is to send one email on a weekly basis so that you can catch a glimpse of the previously published articles, just to make sure you did not miss anything interesting and noteworthy.

To subscribe, you can go directly on the Newsletter page, and fill in your first name (or any name at all, really) and a proper email address. Do not worry about leaving your email address with us, we have no intention of selling it to third parties, using it to spam you, or send you ads. It will strictly be used only for the BoilingSteam newsletter.

Note that if you don’t like email communication, you can always register for our RSS feed.

At BoilingSteam, we want you to browse our content free from ads and trackers. But keeping this website alive is a constant investment. Why don't you support what we do with donations on LiberaPay? Everything you contribute is re-invested in infrastructure and ongoing content to better serve the Linux Gaming community now and for future, bringing the good news to existing and upcoming Linux users. You can follow what we do via our newsletter, our RSS feed and our Mastodon profile



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