Bioshock Coming to Linux ?

Don’t get overly excited, as this is just in the realm of suppositions at this stage, but Feral, one of the famous porting companies (both for OSX and Linux) has released on Twitter a hint: a picture coming from Bioshock. Since the game is already out on OSX, we could interpret this as a sign of Bioshock coming to Linux.

If it does it would be good news (the first episode of the series was out in 2007) while you can already play it perfectly under WINE if you wish to do so. It would be much more interesting if, let’s say, they ported the latest Bioshock Infinite, since it’s rather demanding on the hardware – moving away from a WINE layer could help bring better framerate and overall performance – but they may be testing the waters with a first episode first before porting the whole series. Just a guess.

Anyway, we will see if there is any official confirmation from Feral anytime soon…

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Feral do this a fair bit with all of their ported titles, like GRID and the Arkham games. As much as I would love Bioshock in Linux / SteamOS, it’s doubtful if this is the only hint.