Bayonetta with D9VK: Smooth!


I have tried to run this game on Proton for a while. And you know what? It was kind of working before. You could get in the game, play and all with kind of sub-par performance (framerate was not really stable neither high) but it worked. The only problem was that changing any graphical options in the game made it hang at the next launch. Of course, you could simply erase the config file and start over again, but talk about a PITA. I’m please to say that Bayonetta now works - almost - perfectly on the new 4.11 Proton with D9VK: no more hang at launch, and performance is just like you would expect: excellent. The below video was captured on pretty typical gaming rig (GTX970, Nvidia 418.x drivers, i5, 8GB RAM, OS: Manjaro).

Alas, it’s not perfect yet, and as you can see in the video, sometimes glowing lights that should look white on screen flicker instead with weird colors. It’s probably a D9VK bug. Hardly a problem since you don’t see in every single scene, but still visible enough that it shows up several time during a gaming session.

Still, it’s a major improvement. And an excellent game in its genre.

Oh, by the way it’s been just about one year since Proton launched, so I would recommend you check out Codeweaver’s article about this anniversary. Probably one of the most significant dates in Linux Gaming History!