Aya Neo: A New Challenger for Handheld PC Gaming

The Aya Neo is apparently ready for release pending tweaks (Feb 26th for the first 900 pre-orders), and a few reviewers online have already received a founder edition for testing. It’s a regular handheld gaming PC, with the most powerful specs ever seen for this kind of format so far, using an AMD Ryzen processor. Judge for yourself:

Display7 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS LCD, 5-point multitouch
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 4500U 6-core/6-thread
GPUAMD Radeon Vega 6
Storage512GB WD SN550 PCIe NVMe (M.2 2280)
Power12,300 mAh, 47 Whr battery 65 W fast charging
USB Ports3 x USB-C
AudioStereo speakers & 3.5mm audio
WirelessWiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0
CoolingCopper radiator 2 x 8mm copper heat pipes and Fan
OtherBuilt-in game controllers, gyroscope, gravity sensor
Dimensions255mm x 106mm x 20mm
Weight650 grams (~1.4 pounds)

That thing is capable of running very recent AAA titles at 30 FPS as long as you are willing to go down in settings. On a 7 inch screen however in handheld format, such titles will look pretty good nevertheless.

Aya Neo exterior

It is also a beast for emulation, and it can emulate a Nintendo Switch! This is probably the first time something in the same kind of format can emulate another system so well.

Aya Neo Left Controls

Since this is like a regular PC, there should be no problem to install Linux on the Aya Neo from Day 1, so that you can use it not just for gaming but for just about anything as well.

Aya Neo Right Controls

In the indiegogo campaign supporters will be able to pre-purchase the Aya Neo for 699 USD, but the actual retail price of this handheld should be somewhat higher when it becomes widely available. In any case, it will be competing with the GPD Win 3 which is also in the same kind of format, albeit with an integrated sliding keyboard.

GTA 5 on Aya Neo

You can see below the full preview from ETA PRIME in video:

Even though the Smach Z seems to be pretty much dead now, it’s great to see that the idea of Handheld PC Gaming lives on with even better options year after year.

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One major problem. Neither Aya Neo or Smach Z have been demonstrated running Linux. Also Aya Neo is delayed again.


Never assume all PC devices are Linux friendly. Just like not all laptops can install and run Linux properly. This is very well known. There is still the factor of firmware and hardware combination in the mix.


That 99% is way exaggerated. The real world figure is less than that, anywhere from 80% to as low as 60%. Had Linux spitting out errors during and after installation on many laptops. Experienced constant crashing also especially with Ryzen 2500U equiped laptops.


That was HP Envy x360 laptop Ryzen version. FYI better Linux compatibility on Dell XPS laptops.


This looks neat. I will certainly be keeping my eye on the product, might have to pick on up.


I picked up a Razer Kishi and use it when playing cia GeForce Now / Stadia / Steam Link and mobile games. Quite honestly, I’d rather use that rather than a dedicated PC like this. With decent internet performance is better and there’s one less gadget for me to carry around.