Aspyr + Linux Gamers = Cookies


Aspyr is the official porter of Civilization 6 for Mac (already released together with the Windows version) and sadly Linux gamers who were eagerly waiting for a Day 1 release are a little bit left to dry. It seems that the Mac port uses Metal [ EDIT: WRONG! It actually uses OpenGL ] , and the Windows version DirectX12 - so a Linux port would have to use either OpenGL (the most likely option for compatibility reasons) or Vulkan. Apparently Aspyr is still working to consider the feasibility (i.e. the performance aspect) of a Linux port.

On the linux_gaming subreddit Blair from Aspyr commented that:

Blair: We are still in a research state at this point. Bottom line, we need to prove to ourselves and our partners that a Linux version can perform to our standards. What I can say in earnest is, we are actively pursuing that viability standard.

And just yesterday this additional tweet towards Linux gamers:

This has led more answers on the same thread on the linux_gaming subreddit, where folks got together to order a delivery of delicious cookies to motivate Aspyr to support Linux’s Civ6 port. They come from Tiff’s Treats in Austin, in case you want to make sure you get excellent cookies if you pass by the area.

This led to more tweets in the series…

… and an overdose of cookies:

The story continues on the linux_gaming subreddit

Blair: Well…first batch of cookies just arrived, and I made sure the Linux team got first dibs. I swear, you guys are the BEST community in the world. The only problem is everyone in the office trying to lose weight is blaming me for these shenanigans ;)

It was also a great opportunity to learn about how many folks are actually involved in any Linux port:

Blair: It fluctuates because the Mac and Linux teams share resources. So it can be as little as 25 or the full company of 70. Actually that’s not true, we have a couple of guys dedicated to Android and an internal IP team working on secret stuff, so its more like 60.

An awesome initiative to get visibility at any rate! Great job to everyone who chipped in!

Well, let’s certainly hope that these calories generate something else than just fat.