A Quick Proton Round-up


There’s still as much activity as ever regarding Steam Play/Proton, it’s time to list up a few of the latest good stuff that we can hear about these days. First, Soul Calibur VI was released just about a week ago or so, and the great news is that it works on Linux via Steam Play/Proton. However, it’s not perfect, since trying the online game mode will result in a kind of perma-ban, and worse, it affects the Windows version of the game as well! However, the issue is now identified, and it seems like Valve is working on a fix as we speak. The most relevant piece is that Valve feels responsible for fixing such problems even though the game is not white-listed. They are even asking Linux gamers to contact them directly instead of the devs or publishers. A really nice move. In other news, here’s a bunch of videos showing off how some of the more recent games run with Steam Play/Proton: Let’s start with Fallout 4: it seems to work pretty much flawlessly with Proton nowadays:

Next, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, via Proton, gets a nice video (in German) to show how well the game runs. Let's not forget Project Cars, on a triple screen setup: And... MGSV. I'm going to talk about that one pretty soon, in a lot more details.

That’s pretty much it for now. Let us know if you find some cool new videos on the interwebs! We need to keep spreading the word.