13 New Games You Can Play With Proton Since Oct. 2020

Halloween is behind us, and winter is coming. It’s time to think about what games you could grab for Christmas, since it’s just around the corner. As usual, we look at the latest data dumps from ProtonDB to give you a quick list of new games that work (pretty much?) perfectly with Proton since October 2020 – the Median rating indicates that games work either out of the box (5) or well enough with tweaks (4):

RankingTitlenMedian Rating
1Manifold Garden105
2Endless Zone95
3Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype64.5
49th Dawn III55
5Ghostrunner Demo55
6Neighbours back From Hell55
7Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Tower Defense55
9A Game of Thrones: The Board Game45
10Amnesia: Rebirth45
11Sex with Stalin35
12Xuan-Yuan Sword VII35
13Vigil: The Longest Night34

So first a game with a mathematical moniker, Manifold Garden. For a puzzle game, it does look stunning with these patterns that seem to extend to infinity:

Endless Zone is a shooter made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sega. I think it was released for free for a limited time – I can’t be sure since they don’t distribute it in Japan.

Another title from Sega, albeit a cancelled one from 2012, is Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype. I can’t try it out either since it’s once again region restricted, but the demo looked quite fun – while the gameplay does look dated.

9th Dawn III may be lacking in the graphical department (to be honest it looks really ugly but who am I to judge) but it does seem like a featureful open world RPG with lots of things to do.

We have talked about Ghostrunner before: it’s a cyberpunk themed Dishonored-like experience. It looks very nice and runs very smoothly with Proton:

Neighbours back From Hell is a remaster of a 13 years old game where you play pranks on your neighbors for laughs.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance – Tower Defense is not a new game, (it was released in 2018) but made it to Steam in October 2020. As you can imagine, it’s a Tower Defense game – yet a very colorful one at that.

Missing tactical RPGs? Ikenfell is a new one in the genre, using very pixelated graphics if you are into that. It does look cute:

Waiting for the latest book from JRR Martin? I can’t help you there, look like we will never get the real ending. But who cares? You can now recreate your version of the story with A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. Yeah, it’s a typical board game recreation in computer format:

Missing the Amnesia series (Frictional Games actually open-sourced one of their older game recently)? There’s a new one called Amnesia: Rebirth (it has a native client too, but it was apparently full of bugs at release while the Proton version was not) and it looks like it’s as scary as ever. I could not last more than 20 minutes in Outlast, so I guess I will skip this one too:

Sex with Stalin? You play the role of a time traveler who gets to meet with Stalin. Speak with him, uncover his secrets… and sleep with him I guess?

There’s a Taiwanese game in this list, and we are not talking about some sub-par indie shovel-ware. Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is definitely some AAA level action game which has nothing to envy to its Japanese counterparts. Even monsters are quite original. This is going in my wishlist:

Vigil: The Longest Night is side-scroller action horror RPG which takes places in a world plunged in darkness.

I’m tempted to check out Manifold Garden and Xuan Yuan later on. Once I get around my backlog.

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But Amnesia: Rebirth is native. It had a few quirks when released, but two weeks later they have already been resolved. I completed the game natively. Frictional Games is a very linux-friendly company that has supported Linux for a long time, I think that this is a case when we should celebrate the native build.