Play Mario Party Superstars Online with Ryujinx


Just a few days ago Mario Party Superstars was released for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, like with most new Switch games that come out these days, this game in particular has no problem running on either Ryujinx or Yuzu.

Today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone) though, marks an update to Ryujinx’s LDN build – the build that allows fellow Ryujinx-ers to play games together via the game’s local wireless menu, whether you’re on Linux or Windows. The last time we got an update for this was the 2.3 version back in May. The 2.4 release improves the emulator quite a bit – it’s based on the latest commit from the master branch, meaning it has incorporated the numerous bug fixes, graphical/performance improvements, and new features from the vanilla build over the last six months. The changelog also mentions faster shader compilation times, quicker boot times, “performance increases across the board,” and workarounds for AMD and NVIDIA on certain graphics drivers (these bugs has been reported by others, but I personally haven’t come across any issues specific to NVIDIA so far). Unfortunately Vulkan hasn’t been baked into this release, but I would imagine that’s around the corner and going to be in the next version.

I got some footage of Mario Party Superstars with a few other Ryujinx players. It took quite a while to get into a game without the connection breaking, but after a few hours I was finally able to play a few minigames with others, and with a decent connection. And then the connection broke ten minutes into the game…

Going to be some hiccups here and there, so if you’re looking to play online you’re definitely going to want to get your shaders cached ahead of time, so it doesn’t drag other players’ connection down and potentially cause disconnects. You can follow along with our guide for getting Ryujinx set up online – just download the LDN build, run the game (and preferably get your shaders cached), then host or join someone’s game via the local wireless menu in the game. Also, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading the interview we had with the creator of Ryujinx, GDKChan, for some special gold nuggets that you may have never known before.