Metroid: Fear the Dread... With Emulation!


Ah, the beautiful month of October, probably my favorite month of the year. The temperature outside is just right; not too hot, not too cold. The tourist season is over. The month when most of my family members were married.

What’s even better with this particular October of 2021, however, is that it’s been quite the month as far as game releases. Just this week we had Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (review on that coming real soon), Far Cry 6 for FPS fans, and today marks the release of Metroid Dread. The curious part of me, of course, wanted to test to see how well Metroid Dread would run with Ryujinx, my preferred Switch emulator for Linux.

Needless to say, the game runs great with the vanilla Ryujinx build. For the most part it runs a smooth 60 FPS well throughout the time I tested, even while recording. Cutscenes are capped to 30 FPS. The game didn’t even have to do much caching; it plays smoothly even on the first run. I had one random crash after defeating a boss, but it didn’t persist on subsequent playthroughs. Check out the footage below, but please be aware, this video contains some huge spoilers.

I haven’t tested with Yuzu, but I’m sure the game runs just as good on that. Need a refresher on how to emulate Switch games on Linux? Check out our guide.