Mario Golf: Super Rush Works Day 1 on Yuzu/Ryujinx


What more do I need to say? The title says it all. I have personally tested and confirm Mario Golf: Super Rush works with both Yuzu and Ryujinx. Both emulators have been able to acheive 60 FPS on a fairly consistent basis on my end. Check out the footage below:

You’ll notice a couple of stutters, particularly when Wario uses his jetpack. Well, I was too quick to record this and didn’t properly cache the game ahead of time. Still, it runs pretty good. As mentioned in the video, there’s no video playback on Yuzu, and background textures in menus are missing. Ryujinx, our beloved, more-stable alternative, plays the opening video perfectly, and menus aren’t missing any textures. Ryujinx can also play the adventure mode with a save file; Yuzu crashed on my attempt. Sometimes, however, there may be some lighting issues in the adventure mode on Ryujinx.

Yuzu Mario Golf

What more do I need to say? This is insane. The game currently doesn’t work on Ryujinx’s LDN build, so I can’t test multiplayer, but still, if you want the 4K support or whatever, there’s no need to wait. See you out on the golf course.