Looks Like Overwatch Is Now Playable With Wine


And I just might be able to ditch my Windows partition after all…

Great news, Blizzard fans. While it seems strange that Overwatch – easily one of my favorite games of all time – is the only game in the company’s portfolio that doesn’t work well with Wine, I’m very happy to say someone by the name of Andrew Wesie has been able to find a workaround in the software emulation program to get the game to work. YouTube user Odnetnini (Spanish speaker) has shown us proof:

As you can see, the framerate is a bit, er, choppy. But I’m not sure what hardware this person is using either. If anything, it probably just means the patch needs some more baking time in the oven before the framerate becomes better. We already have living proof that it works; I can’t imagine it would take a lot more time before that comes to fruition. I’d be trying myself right now, but I’m far too excited to write this post up before I give it a shot. I’ll let y’all know if I have any success.

Fortunately for us, the same YouTube user has been kind enough to give us a guide on how to get the game running ourselves. You can also follow a textutorial here. Be advised, though, that you’re going to have to install Wesie’s customized version of Wine, and even if you can get the game running, Blizzard has a history of banning Wine users. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.