Guilty Gear: Strive Works Great With Proton


Worried if that $60 you worked hard for would be a waste, only to find out Guilty Gear: Strive – a hybrid 2D/3D anime fighting game – doesn’t work with Proton? Well, I burned that $60 for you and, fortunately, the game works out of the box! Both my DualSense and Series X controllers were picked up and working just fine.

GG main menu

First, I tested with Proton 6.3-4. There was one point where the game froze during the intro where the game connects to the servers, but other than that the game ran almost flawlessly. The game froze after selecting the characters in training mode, so I switched to Proton 5.13-6. Training mode now works. Everything else works too: the online multiplayer, the story mode, the missions, etc. Glad to see this game isn’t using Epic’s crappy anti-cheat service. Only problem I’ve encountered so far is there’s no video playback for watching characters’ moves in the Moves list page.

GG training mode

I will be adding my report on ProtonDB. If I happen to like the game – which is probably likely, since I’m a fighting game fan – I will have a review here soon. Stay tuned!

GG story mode cutscene