Forza Horizon 4 Now Playable With Proton Experimental


The amount of progress Valve and their partners have made with Proton continues to blow my mind. Just six weeks ago DIRT 5 became playable. Now we’ve got yet another crtically-acclaimed title working with Proton Experimental: Forza Horizon 4. Check out the footage below by CCF_100:

Being able to play Forza Horizon 4 comes with an asterisk, however. According to the Proton Experimental changelog, as well as the various reports on GitHub, the game only fully works on AMD GPUs with the latest mesa-git drivers. Some NVIDIA users have reported being able to launch the game successfully, but experience a crash at the first race. AMD owners, rejoice that you’ve got yet another advantage at your disposal. Though, it probably won’t take long for NVIDIA to catch up.

The latest Proton Experimental build brings a few other updates as well. For one, vkd3d-proton has been updated to 2.3. A few games got bug fixes, and the Origin overlay should behave properly, allowing games like It Takes Two to be played with others.

I’m actually kind of glad it doesn’t work on NVIDIA right now, as it gives me time to wait for the game to go on sale before I buy it.