Disney Games Now Available on Linux


Yeah, Disney. Before you start saying “Meh”, let me stop you. What’s relevant here is that Disney purchased Lucasfilm Games together with the Lucasfilms properties in 2012 (for a few billion dollars), and therefore Disney games also include Lucasfilm games. Among them, you have great titles related to the Star Wars universe (such as KOTOR) or even a number of great adventure games such as Sam & Max Hit the Road, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

As Disney start publishing games on GOG, some of their titles also make it to the Linux platform. This is the case for the following, as disclosed a few minutes ago on the distribution platform:

Both titles were very well rated when they came out in the 90s. I remember with fond memories Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis since it had a pretty good story and very decent, no-nonsense puzzles for the most part. I have only played Sam and Max a little but it was known for its sarcastic humor and funny situations… and its great graphics and animation for the time.


Other games made it to Windows, such as KOTOR, X-Wing and Tie-Fighter, and the Secret of Monkey Island. Let’s hope that they make it to Linux sometimes soon as well, and especially KOTOR which is one of my favourite Bioware titles.

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    • Good question. I’d say Dosbox, but I could be wrong. I haven’t bought these games on GOG yet so maybe someone else who has may comment 🙂

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