We Have Upgraded Our Newsletter for 2021. Try it out!


Did you know that Boiling Steam offers a newsletter? Well now you do! And it’s a good time to talk about it since we have recently renewed how it is structured and what you can get through it. Let’s have a look at it together.

So, first, the newsletter is distributed on every Sunday – once a week. When the other news sites are enjoying their weekends, well at least you will get something to read from us!

The first section consists of the recent articles we have published – so that you can check if you missed out on anything interesting recently or not.

newsletter latest articles

The follows the second section about the latest video content we have published (usually direct links to our Peertube videos).

newsletter latest video content

Then comes the extra content. Every week, we scout for extra news and links from different parts of the web, and hand-pick the ones that are worth a look. Usually related to Linux and Linux gaming. Some of these links will make it to our Mastodon/Twitter feed, but not all, so you typically get more content through our Newsletter.

newsletter latest news from the web about linux and linux gaming

Last but not least, we are adding at the end of the newsletter a list of 10 best deals for games currently on sale that work on Linux (whether they are native or work well with Proton).

newsletter latest best deals for games

This section is the result of a lot of work:

  • Scraping current sales from different sources
  • Adding them to a local database
  • Extracting a bunch of features for all games (how good is the game, how often they go on sale, how good/unique is the current price, and more…)
  • Combining this with the ProtonDB information we extract on a monthly basis to estimate if the game will run well or not with Proton.

All of the above is then mixed up in one big algorithmic soup to extract the best 10 deals available in that week. At Boiling Steam, we also use that service ourselves to purchase games on Linux with high confidence, so you might as well benefit from it!

And that’s what you can find in our Newsletter! And it’s all free. So why don’t you check it out?

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