Launch Keyboard from System76 – The Nerdiest Keyboard Around

System76 Launch keyboard

Dear Launch, I found out I’ve missed so much,The day I felt your textured touch. Your LEDs with rainbow shimmerSmile to me with eyes a-glimmer. Your twinkling, smooth aluminum faceFirmly nests in my embrace. Your many layers, one through four;Flexibility… Continue Reading

An Interview with Peter Mulholland, ex-VP

We tend to regard Feral and Aspyr as the key porting companies in the Linux world, yet this would be reductive. More individuals and companies dedicate themselves to porting games on Linux, infrequently making headlines. But we ought not discount… Continue Reading

Feral is Working on Another Total War

Yup, and it’s not (unfortunately?) Rome II. Feral has just announced a few days ago they will be released a macOS and Linux port for Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, shortly after the Windows release due April 19. A… Continue Reading