Icculus (Ryan Gordon) Tells Us Everything. Part 2.

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Following the previous podcast with Icculus, here’s now the second part of our conversation with him. In the previous part (that you ought to read/listen to before going through this article), we came back on what brought Ryan Gordon to… Continue Reading

Gaming on a Cheap Xeon: The HP Z400 Workstation

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Recently I was in the business of replacing one of my machines at home (all running Linux by the way), and while I had initially considered simply replacing parts at first, I became aware through various channels of the availability… Continue Reading

Road Redemption

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in Road Redemption, you are part of a bike gang. Your leader, wanting to end the oppression from a cruel dictator of post-apocalyptic America, heads to Washington D.C. in a desperate assassination attempt. The thing is, he hasn’t told you… Continue Reading