Steam Spring Sale, Many titles at Great Prices, 1 Game For Free and Steam Deck gets a Celebration with a Discount

Steam Spring Sale, Many titles at great prices, 1 Game to Grab for Free and the Steam Deck gets a celebration with a Discount

So the Steam Spring Sale has begun and as usual you will find many games discounted between the 16th of March to the 23rd, 2023.

What to Grab?

There a few good picks I would recommend, such as:

Oh, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure, is Free to grab on Steam so there’s always that.

But of course there’s a lot, lot more, so please do not limit yourself to the above list.

Steam Deck Celebrations

More importantly, the Steam Deck is getting a 10% sale at the same time, which means it’s now the best time to buy one if you are still on the edge. The value is insane for the 64GB model.

The good thing is that this sale is apparently not limited to some territories, as it’s also applied in Asia where the Steam Deck is distributed by Komodo:

steam spring sale with a discount for the steam deck

To celebrate the 1st year of the Steam Deck (late), Vave has also prepared a commemorative video:

… and prepared quite a few new intro movies to customize the booting intro of your Steam Deck:

That’s it. Very glad to see that Valve is keeping a clear focus on the Steam Deck – good results mean continued investment, and lead to a stronger platform in the end.

Let us know if you end up picking up something cool in the comments!

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