Steam Starts Collecting Feedback From Users on Steam Deck Verified titles

Valve has just announced through the Steam community news that they are adding a new feature to collect feedback from end users about the Steam Deck Verified games they try out. In practice it will first ask you to opt-in to be part of the feedback service, and afterwards it will ask you questions about the titles you have just played on the Steam Deck to confirm if it matches your experience:

Steam Starts Collecting Feedback From Users on Steam Deck Verified titles

This is probably a follow-up to what we have heard recently about the verification process not being very robust (insufficient testing) and Valve has decided to complement this approach with end user feedback. Kind of like ProtonDB, but for the Steam Deck. The problem that I see with the implementation is that yes/no is a very poor level of information to begin with, just like the positive/negative binary ratings on Steam are mostly useless: the less granularity you have when rating something, the less quality of information to exploit at the end of the day.

ProtonDB in that sense is a very different beast. It started by being a little ambiguous, but progressed by capturing many aspects of what works/does not work in the tested games.

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The post lacks in details as to whether the feedback questions will be limited to yes/no, or if a “No” would trigger additional points to confirm. My guess is that it should in order to provide a clear pointer as to what is not working as expected.

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It would have been a good idea to have that system in place back when Proton was first introduced on Linux, instead of relying on GitHub issues or third party tools like ProtonDB, but better late than never.

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