Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII Remake for Steam and the Steam Deck for June 17th

final fantasy VII remake on the steam deck

This is almost an historic moment for the Steam Deck! Square Enix has had a worldwide series of announcements to make yesterday (16th of June) as they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII (man, that long ago already!) and lo and behold they announced the availability of Final Fantasy VII Remake on Steam for the 17th of June, along with the fact that it will work from the get go on the Steam Deck!

Why is this huge?

  • This is one of the first times an AAA publisher officially targets the Steam Deck in an announcement.
  • This announcement is reaching markets (such as Japan) before the Steam Deck is actually available. Great way to raise the awareness of the device.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake will probably be verified or at least playable at launch, which means that Square Enix and Valve have worked together on its testing ahead of the release.

Overall great exposure for the Steam Deck, and we should expect more publishers to follow suit as the Steam Deck gains popularity and expands in unit sales.

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