Podcast #14 with Luke Short: Steam on ChromeOS?

We have a new episode out, with Luke Short! The name may not be familiar to you (yet!). Luke is a former Red Hat employee and is currently employed at VMWare, specialized in cloud deployments (Kubernetes)… but in his private time he happens to really like Chromebooks and ChromeOS. He happened to write back in March on his blog a full article dedicated to the progress of several technologies that would make it possible at some point to run Steam directly on Chromebooks (x86 ones). We decided to talk to him to learn more about this topic, and what he thinks may be happening later in this year. By the way Steam running on ChromeOS is one of the major predictions we compiled for 2021 along with active folks on the Linux gaming scene.

Luke Short with a Steam Controller and a Chromebook

Note that Luke’s opinions do not reflect any of his current or former employers’ viewpoints!

Download: [MP3 File] | Podcast RSS Feed

You can also watch the podcast via Peertube:

We will have a transcript at some point but in the meantime you can enjoy the conversation we had last week with Luke. Many thanks to cow_killer for the audio edit!

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m m

Really nice and interesting episode
But the music at the start is definitely too loud, especially when the talking begins


Thanks for the feedback, will take this into account on the next episode.