Paradox makes Crusader Kings 2 complete edition accessible through subscription

Crusader Kings II

Paradox Interactive seems to have come with a new — or maybe, very old — way to keep its already long-lived game Crusader Kings 2 afloat, even with Crusader Kings 3 already out: a subscription service including the game and all its many DLCs. The spokesperson said “This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings 2 catalogue”.

The base game from 2012 is already free on Steam, but it has a whopping amount of 32 DLCs, which together would make for a big purchase. However, if you just want to experiment some DLCs, and do not plan to spend along continuous time playing it, it might be worth it to go for the subscription which has a separate steam entry called the “Expansion Subscription” with a low price of 7.99 in the US.

So, what do you think of this change? Is a subscription model adequate for a game with longplays like Crusader Kings 2? Do you think this trend will expand, and which types of games are worth playing this way?

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Probably worth it if you spend hundred of hours playing the game 🙂 This being said I don’t really like DLCs not the subscription kind of things. I’d rather buy a package with all DLCs when they go on deep sale.