New SteamOS update for the Steam Deck (20220211)

Another quick update about the Steam Deck. Apparently another (outlaw?) developer has leaked the details of the contents of a SteamOS update (dated 11th of February 2022) for the Steam Deck.

SteamOS update for the Steam Deck

In short:

  • Working GPU settings such as FPS/TDP limiters. FSR upscaling control is now baked in, in our previous post it was just a simple toggle.
  • Improved voice chat
  • Night mode inclusion
  • Better performance for games with Vsync enabled! That’s good to hear, while it lacks in details.
  • Hardware support fixes, such as better wifi connection on resume, audio on suspend/resume, and adaptive brightness using the ambient light sensor.

A few comments:

  • The night mode may help bring down the blue tones of the interface (just my assumption).
  • Suspend/Resume mentioned: this may be related to being able to restart your games right where you left it without having to reload it from scratch – we haven’t seen in action yet so we can only assume that it will be similar to what we see on consoles.

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Now the questions we still have are:

  • When is SteamOS going to be released to the public outside of the Steam Deck environment?
  • Will these features make it to non-Steam Deck devices? Or even non-Linux systems? All this TDP/GPU settings is something that is probably feasible on AMD hardware outside the Deck too, but would have to implemented very differently on other OSes for example.

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