Metroid Prime Trilogy: A Great Fit for the Steam Deck

Turns out that for a few use cases, the Steam Deck might actually be the best handheld out there to play Nintendo games. A Steam Deck owner on Twitter has shown how the Deck controls are ideally suited to support the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

As they pointed out this is the advantage of running such games on the Deck (direct quote):

  • Gyro controls when removing your finger from the analog stick
  • Trackpads for visor and beam menus
  • Saving and loading states with L4 (normal/long press)
  • 2x Resolution, super crisp image
  • Around 4 hours battery life

You can see in the first part of the video specific folders for different emulated systems – I am assuming that this user is using either Steam ROM Manager or the set of tools called as RetroDeck to create such entried in the SteamOS interface.

metroid prime trilogy on the steam deck with steam rom manager

If you are interested in emulation, you should check such tools out. We did a video about Steam ROM Manager well before the Deck was released – most of the information on how to use it has not changed, so this might be helpful:

As usual, we don’t condone piracy, but emulation of roms that you own (ripped from their original medium) is considered legal in most countries.

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I’d love to see a tutorial on how to set up correct controls for the Flatpak version of Primehack on Steam Deck. I haven’t had any luck so far.


I haven’t been able to get the controlls working in Primehack either. Even though I’m using EmuDeck there seems to be some configuration missing.


same here, i have searched alot of places how to config this thing its driving me mad