Make a Game in 10 Minutes With Godot!

If you ever wanted to get started with game development in the spirit of FOSS, this is the right opportunity! Nils, our new team member, has decided to start his contributions by this excellent short and sweet introduction to Godot. Nobody wants to waste 3 hours to learn the basics, and he has found something short enough to get you start with a very tangible example that you can do to make a game in 10 minutes, and learn a great deal in the process.

Nils is also working on a more complete article that will nicely supplement this video, probably coming to you via Boiling Steam in the next week! Don’t miss it – it will help you understand everything in more details, and help you to continue your journey with Godot.

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About Nils

But who is Nils? And what can you expect from him? Excellent questions. We will soon have a proper intro for our new member, so that you can better understand how he has developed such skills and why he ended up using Linux.

Until then, enjoy this intro to Godot and have a great weekend!

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