Hydra Castle Labyrinth: BoilingSteam Package

We are starting a new service at BoilingSteam, in collaboration with the talented porter ptitSeb, well known in the OpenPandora and Odroid communities! While you probably have a great amount of commercial software available (see our recommended games list!), there’s also a good amount of FOSS or Freeware games out there. You may have some of them in your favorite distribution, but you may sometimes face the following issues:

  • It’s outdated (not the latest version of the game)
  • It’s not compiled with any kind of optimization (for compatibility reasons)
  • It’s just not available!

The solution is often to go and grab the sources, compile them yourself, and hope for the best. Now we bring you another option, with ptitSeb’s packages, featuring:

  • Mojo Setup for a user-friendly installation (and uninstallation) process
  • Compiled for amd64 architecture (no 32 bits)
  • Including necessary libraries to make it work without the need of multiple distro-specific dependencies.

Our first package is Hydra Castle Labyrinth by E.Hashimoto, also known as Buster in the dev gaming world. Hydra Castle Labyrinth (original title: 迷宮城ハイドラ) is a metroidvania kind of game with 8 bits graphics. You just need to get the installer here, make it executable (chmod +x in a terminal, or through the properties of your favorite windows manager), and there you go.

After installation you can check for the shortcut in the Games/ category of your distro’s menu, and it should be right there for you to launch. The game will start in full screen, and can be played either with the keyboard or with a X360 pad. You can change the in-game language in the options, between English and Japanese.

This package has been tested on Debian, Linux Mint and Solus without issues.

This is just the beginning and we hope to bring more packages like that on a regular basis. Let us know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the package! Is there supposed to be music? I can’t hear any. Running Manjaro AMD64.

    • Yes, there is supposed to be music 🙂 Anything we should know about your config besides Manjaro?

    • Music are Midi files playing using fluidsynth (and SDL_mixer). Are you using the menu shortcut? (if not, then music will play using Timidity, that is not in the package and will probably not work).

  2. Cool idea! I tried the game on Gentoo and it works, with the sounds and music. I’d prefer if it used SDL 2, though, so that the game doesn’t block keyboard shortcuts (alt-tab, alt-f4, volume keys…).

    • I may switch to SDL2, but that require a bit of work as the game is a typical “blit bitmaps” type of game.
      SDL2 also have the advantage of “free” desktop fullscreen with GL scaling (here, there is a software pre-scaling of all sprites).

      • SDL2 also get’s you native Wayland support. Not a big deal for now, but it’ll be nice to have in a couple years.

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