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      Here’s a topic that will relevant as we go: what games have you been playing in the past week?

      In this past week, for me:

      • Sunset Overdrive
      • Loop Hero
      • OpenTTD

      How about you?

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      Been an odd mix for me:

      • Witcher 2 (blast from the past, never played much of it)
      • Hades (suddenly it has hit me hard, can’t get enough)
      • Valheim (just a little so far, but pretty good!)
      • Path Of Exile (new league, new build time)

      And need to get back to Loop Hero to finish up a review!

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      Witcher2? Excellent choice 🙂 You can even play it twice because of the massive branching offered by the game, which makes about 50% of the campaign different depending on one of the choices you have to make.

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