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      Dr. Righteous

      I’ve been using Linux full time for about 10 years now.
      Regardless of the fact the GUI desktops are as easy to use as any Windows OS; Linux is still the domain of the brave; not the timid or those short on technical skill.
      So I usually put it like this: Linux is for REAL computer people.
      That means those with a healthy curiosity and the desire to learn the “Linux Way” and the freedom that brings.
      It is not that using Linux is a hack session. I took away my wife’s windows PC (tired of cleaning off adware) and stuck Ubuntu in front of her cold turkey. After she got the feel of it she loved it.
      Some things won’t work naively. But If you have the skills; If you are curious you can find a way to make it work.

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      Interesting story. Welcome to Boiling Steam, by the way!

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      Welcome to the site! Tell your friends 🙂

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