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      Starting this thread as a way for newcomers to introduce themselves. Tell us how you got here, as well as what you like/dislike about Boiling Steam.

      I’ll start with myself. I’m known as cow_killer on the interwebs. I’ve been a longtime editor for Boiling Steam. I mostly specialize in hardware reviews. Once in a great while I’ll have some opinionated pieces. I also do game reviews, and from time to time I’ll also have tutorials, such as how to emulate Nintendo Switch games on Linux. My favorite genre of games is fighting.

      I’m currently using Garuda Linux (based on Arch) on my main machine; I prefer having access to bleeding-edge software and being able to install virtually anything from the AUR. Ubuntu/Pop!_OS are also pretty good choices, for stability purposes. As my fellow editors will point out, I’m a bit of a gamepad freak; I have more than a few different controllers, each for their own purpose.

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      Hi! I’m Eki, I started Boiling Steam back in 2014, after being a long time Linux user (since 2007~2008) = I was then soon joined by cow_killer above, then podiki and patola more recently.

      I have a long history with computers, starting from the very first 8 bits machines (ORIC-1, C64), thru 16 bits (the Amiga!) before landing on PC in the mid 1990s. I was always a gamer since my very early years and I have had a bunch of systems in my hands (mostly through friends), from the NES to the Megadrive and all the other famous consoles at the time. After moving to PC I gamed a lot on Windows, and then I had a period of about 15 years gaming on consoles (PSX, PS2, PSP, DS, Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox360, PS3, Wii) until I stopped completely caring about consoles as I ventured more and more into Linux and what it offered. In the early 2010s I became very attached to the Open Pandora and spent a lot of time covering the Linux scene on that small machine, making great connections along the way with very talented developers.

      I’m now gaming entirely on my Linux machines, with my main rig running Manjaro and pretty much everything else at home running Arch. I’m not missing Windows, or consoles, one bit.

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      Hi All,

      Hope you are doing well.i am Vanessa Anderson from USA or I am the new person on this forum.Can you please introduce about yourself?


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