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      This thread is to give information on VR-capable games that are not working on Linux, to warn prospective buyers and possibly even try and get a way to make them work. So it’s very important to say what you attempted to do to make it work, and give any useful directions to others:

      • X: Rebirth VR. It just crashes when it’s starting, or hangs indefinitely. I even got a pirate version of the game which runs successfully through wine, but it doesn’t seem to connect to SteamVR so it never shows in the headset nor gets the knuckles controllers input. And for the record, yes, I only got the pirate version to test that, and only after buying the game.
      • Alien: Isolation with MotherVR — as reported in the previous message.
      • Kona with the VR DLC – this DLC requires the windows version and crashes when starting. I refunded the DLC.
      • Portal Stories: VR — starts, recognizes the knuckles controllers, seems to go for a few seconds, then hangs up hard and crashes SteamVR.
      • DOTA 2 — its VR would be just for expectating anyway and hasn’t been updated since 2017. What happens is funny, you can’t move and the display is inverted on the eyes, it’s really disorienting. It seemingly does not work on Windows too.
      • All my other VR games work, I currently have about 120 VR-supported games.

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      All my other VR games work, I currently have about 120 VR-supported games.

      So in your experience, most VR games tend to work on Linux rather than not? That’s pretty impressive in itself.

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