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      Anyone using GamerOS right now as a daily driver? for those unaware of it is, it’s fundamentally a recreation of SteamOS using a more modern distro base and adding some quality of life tools to it. Cow_killer wrote an article about it a little while ago: and made a video as well:

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      With a name like GamerOS I feel like it needs more sharp angles and RGB lights 😛

      As for me, after Gentoo a long time ago I’ve just been using Arch for a few years. I can’t imagine not having a rolling release and access to something like the AUR for just about any program I’ve ever run across.

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      ive been running a business for the past year or so. best thing i ever did in my life.

      i dont think i could ever work for anyone else again.

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      check what else is running using some task monitor like top running from a terminal. Which version of the client are you using? Did you update anything like your OS GPU drivers during this time.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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