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      • Adventure Climb VR — a pretty good climbing exercise game, although of one level only. Good to introduce people to the joys of VR fitness!
      • Aircar – a pleasant flying car driving experience in a futurist city. Reminds the pancake game Cloudpunk.
      • AltspaceVR – a social network in VR. Competitor to VRChat, with the main differences being a more mature public and slightly worse exotic hardware support. It has good customization and many games and environments inside it. Works in VR and pancake modes.
      • VRChat – the most well known VR social network, has bleeding-edge support for features like full body motion tracking and expressions. It has many games, environments, sports (including racing), conferences and events inside it, and now has a “VRChat plus” subscription. Has an almost unwieldy amount of customization possibilities.
      • Microsoft Maquette — incredible and poweful VR 3D modeller, with an intuitive interface.
      • The Lab — set of minigames devised by Valve with very creative controls.
      • Hot Squat — not much to say, a simple squat exercise game!
      • Propagation VR — a photorealistic wave shooter, one of the best I’ve seen, with a good campaign story and amazing controls.
      • Warhammer: Vermintide VR – yes, although Vermintide 2 doesn’t work on Linux due to anticheat, this one works wonders. It’s a wave shooter based on the first Vermintide game, and has two additional levels for you to play if you own it.
      • Portal Stories: VR — free game based on Portal. For some reason, it hangs up immediately when I try to start it, but most people report a good experience with it.
      • Gorilla Tag — Platinum — a weird locomotion PvP game that’s making big success on Steam and Oculus. Beware object proximity, this game requires lots of arm movements (I cut my hand playing it).
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      Nice! Who doesn’t like free games ๐Ÿ˜€

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      How about the Google Painting thing? Is that free or paying?

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        The Google 3D painting app Blocks – – works on Linux. However Microsoft Maquette is better.

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          I had no idea that Microsoft had some offering in that space. Pretty cool indeed:


          Does Maquette work on Linux too?

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          Yes, it does. Now I have to test Google’s Tilt Brush, which just went open-source on github. However, this one is not free as in free beer, only free as in free speech… ๐Ÿ˜›

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      New free games that I found:
      Panic Station — very good horror-based linear corridor shooter, it seems to be at the same level of quality as Propagation VR.
      Spellbound Spire — a very creative narrative-based tactile adventure/puzzle game, where you don’t walk with the thumbstick but in your play space, in impossible non-euclidean geometry that makes you stay in the same 3mx3m space (or you can activate expanded locomotion and reduce that to 2mx2m).

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      Just found another “game”… More like an experience. A very short experience. Basically, you are shrinked and inserted into someone’s brain to cure of some brain cancer by shooting their cancer neurons. I have started, configured and beat the game in 12 minutes — 100% on first attempt, so it’s very easy.

      It’s supposedly linux native, but the Linux build apparently does not support VR (!). However it works perfectly via proton.

      InMind VR

      Also: the game is very odd, in that you aim and shoot just by looking at a cancer cell for about 2 seconds. I don’t think that’s a good control scheme. There’s no locomotion, you are simply on a rail.

      However, no doubt, it’s very pretty and smooth.

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      Another VR experience:
      Home – A VR Spacewalk

      Yes, there’s a game in there too, which consists in you be able to get back to the station with very low fuel on the spacesuit thrusters. It’s a difficult game and it’s one shot: you live or you die, and that’s it. I think the BBC Media agency which made this game has tried to convey the message that it’s not easy being an astronaut.

      I shouldn’t need to say — its graphics are spectacularly beautiful and the Earth orbit scenery is breathtaking.

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