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      • Adventure Climb VR — a pretty good climbing exercise game, although of one level only. Good to introduce people to the joys of VR fitness!
      • Aircar – a pleasant flying car driving experience in a futurist city. Reminds the pancake game Cloudpunk.
      • AltspaceVR – a social network in VR. Competitor to VRChat, with the main differences being a more mature public and slightly worse exotic hardware support. It has good customization and many games and environments inside it. Works in VR and pancake modes.
      • VRChat – the most well known VR social network, has bleeding-edge support for features like full body motion tracking and expressions. It has many games, environments, sports (including racing), conferences and events inside it, and now has a “VRChat plus” subscription. Has an almost unwieldy amount of customization possibilities.
      • Microsoft Maquette — incredible and poweful VR 3D modeller, with an intuitive interface.
      • The Lab — set of minigames devised by Valve with very creative controls.
      • Hot Squat — not much to say, a simple squat exercise game!
      • Propagation VR — a photorealistic wave shooter, one of the best I’ve seen, with a good campaign story and amazing controls.
      • Warhammer: Vermintide VR – yes, although Vermintide 2 doesn’t work on Linux due to anticheat, this one works wonders. It’s a wave shooter based on the first Vermintide game, and has two additional levels for you to play if you own it.
      • Portal Stories: VR — free game based on Portal. For some reason, it hangs up immediately when I try to start it, but most people report a good experience with it.
      • Gorilla Tag — Platinum — a weird locomotion PvP game that’s making big success on Steam and Oculus. Beware object proximity, this game requires lots of arm movements (I cut my hand playing it).
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      Nice! Who doesn’t like free games 😀

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      How about the Google Painting thing? Is that free or paying?

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        The Google 3D painting app Blocks – – works on Linux. However Microsoft Maquette is better.

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          I had no idea that Microsoft had some offering in that space. Pretty cool indeed:


          Does Maquette work on Linux too?

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          Yes, it does. Now I have to test Google’s Tilt Brush, which just went open-source on github. However, this one is not free as in free beer, only free as in free speech… 😛

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      New free games that I found:
      Panic Station — very good horror-based linear corridor shooter, it seems to be at the same level of quality as Propagation VR.
      Spellbound Spire — a very creative narrative-based tactile adventure/puzzle game, where you don’t walk with the thumbstick but in your play space, in impossible non-euclidean geometry that makes you stay in the same 3mx3m space (or you can activate expanded locomotion and reduce that to 2mx2m).

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      Just found another “game”… More like an experience. A very short experience. Basically, you are shrinked and inserted into someone’s brain to cure of some brain cancer by shooting their cancer neurons. I have started, configured and beat the game in 12 minutes — 100% on first attempt, so it’s very easy.

      It’s supposedly linux native, but the Linux build apparently does not support VR (!). However it works perfectly via proton.

      InMind VR

      Also: the game is very odd, in that you aim and shoot just by looking at a cancer cell for about 2 seconds. I don’t think that’s a good control scheme. There’s no locomotion, you are simply on a rail.

      However, no doubt, it’s very pretty and smooth.

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      Another VR experience:
      Home – A VR Spacewalk

      Yes, there’s a game in there too, which consists in you be able to get back to the station with very low fuel on the spacesuit thrusters. It’s a difficult game and it’s one shot: you live or you die, and that’s it. I think the BBC Media agency which made this game has tried to convey the message that it’s not easy being an astronaut.

      I shouldn’t need to say — its graphics are spectacularly beautiful and the Earth orbit scenery is breathtaking.

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      Whenever I run a game, a new screen pops up and the video kinda like flashes continually. It does not happen with all games but most. The games I know I have been having problems with has been games like Billard-GL, Vega Strike, Flight Gear, Space-Orbit. Freeciv works great as well as other games like Chess. This just seems to happen with games. The office suites, Scribus, Celestia and Stellarium work great too….. I have an ATI Accelerated graphics card and know the drivers are working or at least the operating system is telling me that they are.

      Any suggestions on what I can try?

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        None of these games are VR games, ChinaSupt. It seems to me you are in the wrong forum. Also, you have not said your specific card and distro. Can you paste the output of the command inxi -bGI ?

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      I noticed that there is a branch in the linux sources 5.4.163-gti that seems to be pretty active. While I know the documentation and build manifests for the Ultra specify a 4.19 series kernel, I was wondering how much risk there is to trying the 5.x series kernels on it. Has anyone tried this and run into problems?The last update to the 4.19 series seems to be 15 months ago.

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