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I propose the following: the game with a link to its page, if it’s Windows its protondb status, and a short description including your personal feelings about it.

  • Skyrim VR with VRIK – Gold – it works wonders but for VRIK which depends on SKSE VR + SkyUI you need a special patch for it to correctly load the DLLs so I made a special build of proton with it (to be used in the compatibilitytools.d directory like Proton-GE and others): Proton for Skyrim VR with SKSEVR — Skyrim VR is the most addictive VR game I have used so far, specially because I have almost 40 mods on it which make it even more beautiful and engaging, and improve a lot on the VR experience (VRIK). Note: To manage the mods I use the nexus Vortex Mod Manager which I installed via Lutris, please that notice of the install instructions there. Also for Nexus to correctly install the mods you’ll just have to point it to the games folder and add a link from its plugins.txt file to %APPDATA%/Skyrim VR/plugins.txt (usually <steam prefix>/steamapps/compatdata/611670/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Local Settings/Application Data/Skyrim VR/plugins.txt)
  • Fallout 4 VR – Silver – same thing as Skyrim, but it is better on VR out of the box so apparently does not have something like VRIK for it.
  • Karnage Chronicles – Platinum – a relatively short linear fantasy RPG game but made for VR, with stupendous and performant graphics and a really inovative interface.
  • Synth Riders — Gold — a VERY intense rhythm game, and believe me, I do not usually like these games but I am kind of addicted to it, it’s fun, it’s fast, its assortment of songs is great and there are many custom songs from the community. And it’s very good for exercising.
  • BOXVR — Platinum — from the same company that made Synth Riders, but the exercises are more taxing because you have to actually make the punch movement. Note that it is not actual Box in a ring with an opponent, it’s just an exercise/dancing game, but it is very good nonetheless.
  • No Man’s Sky – Gold – NOT WORKING IN VR AT THE MOMENT – It is the non-exclusive-VR game with the BEST VR interface I have seen so far, and it performs very well on Linux.
  • Payday 2 — it works with VR on Linux quite well, but sometimes crashes — but this has been improving with latest patches and proton versions. Although it’s native, for VR you will need to use the windows build via proton.
  • All Serious Sam VR games – native – need I say anything more? It’s a classic. And you can dual-shoot enemies! If you like shooters, this one is a must!
  • Doom VFR — Gold — It’s Doom! Do you need any other info? Well, it is more of a corridor shooter, it is not as good and long as the “real” Dooms 2016 and Eternal, but it is worth the money.
  • Final Assault — Platinum — this is the most prominent of the increasing diversification of deep VR games to new genres, in this case RTS. It uses a very specialized and fluid interface for you to command your units.
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