Exciting Stuff Going on at Boiling Steam

Hey fellow readers, first Happy New Year 2021! Did you all have a good holiday break? We’ve got a lot of good stuff going on here at Boiling Steam, and we wanted to share some of it with you!

First, as you may have already noticed in December, we finally got a logo! It took a while to decide which direction we wanted, but we are happy with the result. We hope you like it too!

Note: if you’re using a dark reader extension with your browser, you may need to adjust the brightness settings for this site in particular, since the extension may interfere with the background color. Adjusting the brightness to 25 with Dark Reader fixes this.

Second, we welcome Patola to the team. He’s a seasoned Linux user who is also very experienced in everything VR-related. You may have already seen his first article on Promods Canada. He’s working on more VR content as we speak, which is great as this is something we barely addressed on Boiling Steam until now. Expect more VR content as well since both podiki and cow_killer have secured their own Index headsets not long ago – podiki wrote an extensive article on his first impressions with it.

Third, we now have forums. This will allow us to establish a stronger connection with our community. Feel free to add to the discussion over there after creating an account, or create your own topics under the appropriate sections. We have just started to add a few topics, but really, that space is for you all to interact in.

Finally, we’re working on a compilation of the best articles we’ve written, from the birth of Boiling Steam to today. Such articles include:

Among many others. You can pre-order a copy on Gumroad; we’re looking to have this out in Q1 2021. We’re asking for $1 minimum, and $5 the recommended amount, but you can pay for what you want, as long as it’s a dollar or more. We’re also looking to add this compilation as a Kindle Edition on Amazon at some point. By purchasing this, you are supporting the growth of Boiling Steam. Thank you in advance!

Note that if you want to join the team, we are always looking for good people and you can reach us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

That’s it for now! We hope you will keep enjoying your journey with us as Linux gaming continues to grow and thrive. Have a great year ahead!

BoilingSteam lets you access our content for free, but writing articles is a constant investment. We don't use ads or sponsporship, help us make our activities sustainable by donating via Patreon or LiberaPay if you prefer it anonymous. You can follow what we do via our newsletter, our RSS feed, our Mastodon profile or our Twitter feed. We also have Peertube, Youtube and LBRY channels. If you'd like to chat, you can also find us on #boilingsteam:matrix.org. (what is Matrix?)

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m g

The logo is really nice 🙂


Thanks, love it too!


Happy New Year! And thank you for being with us! Boiling Steam is a valueable source of information for me <3


Thanks Van, Happy New Year to you too, thanks for reading!